Berkshire Academy and Episcopal Church

Berkshire Episcopal Church beside the Brick School
located just south of the Southeast corner of SR-37 and South Galena Road
photo from Daisy Sperry Burrer

Berkshire Academy

A private school, the Berkshire Academy, was the first attempt in the way of more advanced education, and was established about 1840-41. The building was a frame, costing about three or four hundred dollars, and the expense of building was defrayed by the sale of shares at ten dollars each. It was located just east of the Episcopal Church. The first teacher in this school was G. S. Bailey, of Oberlin. Daisy Sperry Burrer taught piano at the Academy.  In 1906, Nellie Stark noted, "The building, however, has been graded down and divided, and is at present used as a hennery and woodhouse of our townsman, Newton Smith."

Berkshire Episcopal Church

On Easter Monday, March 23, 1818, the Episcopal Church was organized at the house of David Prince. Ten years later, 1828, they built a brick church a short distance east of the comers, on what was then called the Granville Road and later State Route 37 and South Galena Road.

Local folklore says this was the first brick church west of Pittsburgh (or the mountains) although Mr. G. D. Neilson says it was the second.

The church building was used as a school house in the early 1900s.  By 1960 it held hay for Mr. Wormell.  In 2003 is was torn down to make way for a new commercial building.

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