Because  You Asked . . . .
Galena Shale Tile and Brick Company
Employees February 18, 1930
Front Row: X, X, Fred Jackson, Noah Jackson, Bill Trainer, X, Harry Bauer, Tom Walker
2nd Row: X, Estel Deskins, ? Edwards, X, X, ? Shoaf, X, X, Stan Ballard, Glen Harroun, X
3rd Row: X, X, X, Oscar Howard, Al, Bailey, Floyd Cring, Ed Bennett, B. L. Shultz, X, X, Jim Hubbard?, Newell McElwee
4th Row: Ersel Cantrel, X, X, X, X, Lewis Denty, John Shultz, Sr.

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photo and identification from Paul Henry Miller

. . . .And Now You Know
by Polly Horn


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