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Galena Shale Tile and Brick Company

Employees on June 22, 1940

Front Row: Robert McElwee, Royce Geddis, Atlee Wigton (Possum), Austin Myers, Richard Doane, Willard Watts, Webster Potts (Bud), Dave Sheward, Marvin Schmehl, Bee Hoppes, Glenn Harroun and Harry Brauer
2nd Row: Russell Miller (Manager), Carl Foreman, Ersell Cantrell, Ivan Linnabary, Ralph Bellis, John Jones, Newell McElwee, Ernest Moodespaugh (Tiny), William Trainer, Horace Domigan (Tad), Lee Ball, Earl Wise, James Boston and Paul Suver
3rd Row: Robert Bolton, Noah Jackson, Harvey Clayton, Leroy Dixon,
James Hubbard, Newton Longshore, Stanley Ballard, Robert Fuller, Charles Nauman, Thomas Walker, Bert Shaw, Charles Lincoln,
Paul Moodespaugh, Roy Lawson
4th Row: Donald Daugherty (Ted), Harry DeWitt, Charles Longshore, Frank Boston, William McGinnis, Jarrett Wampler, Stanford Compton, Eddie Cole,
Don Kirkpatrick, Sterling Johnson, Steven Ferko, Harold Herb,
Gorman Dixon, and Taylor Fry
5th Row: Herman Hoey, John Dowell, Ellis Rife, Oscar Howard, William McGinnis, James Kintz, Joseph Brush, Walter Balch, Clifford Gross, Dode Watts, Homer Redman, Gerald Ward, Forest Evans, Robert Newman,
Albert Parady, and Dallas Dowell

names supplied by Paul Henry Miller, son of Russell Miller


. . . .And Now You Know
by Polly Horn


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