Come fly with us on July 19, 2003!

" A Day at the Sticks"

Sponsored by 
The Central Ohio Radio Control Club (CORKS) 
Community Library

11:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Saturday, July 19th

Everyone is invited free of charge.

Participants will have the opportunity to fly a radio-control model airplane with the help of an instructor on dual controls. You will actually be flying the airplane!

ACTIVITIES START at 11:00 AM with some incredible R/C flying demonstrations by CORKS members. We will brief new pilots on how an airplane works, and then you can try your hand at flying.

At 1:00 PM we hope to have a spectacular flying demonstration 
by a "Special" full size airplane.

We will offer hot dogs, chips and soft drinks throughout the day.

Watch for CORK Displays in the Community Library

LOCATION: The CORKS field is 7 miles North from Sunbury on Route 3c. Just past Wyandot Golf Course…look for the signs.

June 16th

QUESTIONS? Ask any club member at the field or call Ray Spring @ 740-747-7111.

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