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Behind the Scenes

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Suzanne Allen, Show Director

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Virginia Helwig 

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 Arena Set Up by Terry Glassford of Cashman Livestock Equipment

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Music by
Carl Ross 
of Times Past

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Publicity and Programs
Sherry Buel

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Moving PA 
from Booth
to Track
to Booth

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Thanks to the many financial sponsors, 
Morrow County Horseman's Association,
Big Walnut FFA Petting Zoo, 
Bergman's Alpaca Drill Team,
Perfect North Slopes of Indiana for the Trolley,
Village of Sunbury for use of J. R. Smith Park, 
Helwig Auctioneer School for last minute PA system,
Sunbury United Methodist Church women for feeding the participants,
The Sunbury News and Lenny Lepola
Dick and Rick Helwig for  Sunbury Spectator
Walter Morton for taping the performance.

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(03/23/2006 )