Dedication of Sunbury Union Institute


Sunbury Letter

from The Delaware Gazette, page 3
The good people of Sunbury, under  the inspiration of Col. Frambes, and a few others, have manifested unusual energy and perseverance, and a commendable interest in the education of their youth, in erecting by voluntary contributions, a large and noble building for school purposes.

This structure under the name of the "Sunbury Union Institute," was handsomely dedicated on Tuesday evening the first of December, to the cause of education.  Mr. Osborne, of Columbus, and two of the good ladies of Sunbury, made useful, interesting and telling speeches on the occassion.

The natural instinction, modesty and delicacy of women shun notoriety, and I appreciate these ladies too  highly, to give  publicity to their names.  Suffice it to say, that with charming views, they added greatly to the interest of the services.

The great, and good Bishop, Edward Thompson, delivered on this occassion one of his strong, polished and faultless addresses, leaving on the minds of the audience, an impression that nothing better, or more exhaustive, or more finished could fall from the lips of the orator.  The Bishop seems to be an incarnation of learning, logic and imagination.  By the way, if I were a citizen of Delaware, I should urge the college's and public schools to unite in a request to the Bishop, to deliver this address before a joint assembly.  And again, by the way, the Bishop ought to be compelled (morally) to make his permanent residence among his old and dear friends in Delaware County, Ohio.


  Sunbury, Ohio, Dec 3, 1868
Two weeks later the newspaper ran a correction to the Sunbury Letter to state the writer had failed to mention the main speaker of the event, Dr. McCabe of Delaware.

Another account also mentioned the oysters served for the dinner and tableaux which served as entertainment.

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