West Galena School
Sub District 6 in Berkshire Township

In 1905, the Berkshire School Board consisted of Edd Furniss, Webb Finch, Charles Wigton, John Trapp and Charles Hupp. 

The teacher of the West Galena School was James Rose.  His ten students were Fannie Chambers, Lillian and Erle McWilliams, Ama Furniss, Faye Hoy, Myrtle Lahmon, Harold and Howard Dustin, Paul Glass, and Harold Collier.

Teacher, James Rose's photo is attached to the cover. 

Inside back cover appears in reverse above when it shows thru the tissue page.


Booklet was printed by
W. E. Seibert Publisher
in New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Thanks to Don "Red" Edwards
for sharing this booklet.

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