Hunt School - Harlem Township 1905-1906

The teacher is Miss H. W. McElwee. Student number 6 from the left in the front row is Clarence Piper.  The first boy in the back row on the left is Russ Montgomery standing beside his brother Cary Montgomery.  Charles Montgomery is in the back on the left in the doorway.  Leaning against the dorrframe on the right in the back is Floyd Montgomery.  Lloyd Montgomery is in the back row next to the teacher at the right of the picture.  The others are listed below but it is not known which name goes with which child.
Flora Butt
Lee Butt
Forest Butt
Eunice Cook
Dean Cook
Forrest Cook
Nellie Gorsuch
Catherine Green
Amy Green
Holice Green 
Lake Green
Cassie Grove
Harry Grove
Henry Grove
Iva Grove
Daniel Ross
Francis Ross
Lloyd Shoaf
Marvie William

Photo given to Community Library by Phyllis Davidson

Teacher Ferne Hoover's card to Harold Waggamon

Helena Rose Smith's 1914 Christmas Card from teacher C. J. Showalter

Cards from Fred and Theresa Wilke

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