Stone Jug School 1871 thru 1916. . .  

Stone Jug School in Porter Township

Patty Shoaf Hardin sent in these photos of a school house which used to stand on her family property on Chambers Road about a mile south of the Morrow County Line.  It was in the pasture field where her father kept cows.   The door and windows were gone but the blackboard was still on the wall opposite the front door.  Benches and desks as well as the more modern  metal and wood desks used into the 1940's and 50's had been left in the building when the students went to Sunbury School. Patty and her siblings spent many hours playing in the building.  Eventually half the roof fell in and her father razed the building to keep the children and cows from being hurt.  Two of the big step stones from the front of the building are part of Patty's currant homestead.

Stone for the school came from a quarry along the Big Walnut not far from the Chambers Road Bridge.

Where did the school get its name remains a mystery.  If you know please email us.

Photo Takes December 18, 1912

Front Two Rows left to right:  Bertha Chambers, Florence White, Florence Haycook
                                                   Bertha Haycock, Philip Chambers, Jeanetta Chambers, Paul Haycook, Delbert Hines,
                                                   Nellie Hines, Helen Zeigler

Back Row:  Grace McCrary, Ruth Zeigler, Merril Conn, Harrison White, Florence McCrary, Burr Baker

Thanks to Patty Harding and Pam Christy for the photos and history

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