Because  You Asked . . . .

Students at Vans Valley School, Rt. 605,  c 1903

Photo and Identification from Maxine Longshore

Front Row, l to r: Courty Boston, Ben Ginn, ??, Willie Crego, ??, ??, Walter Ginn
Between Rows: Gladys Forwood  
2nd Row: Carrie Forward, Carrie McMann, Berta Ginn, Marie Huff, Alvie Leak, Austina Edwards, Pearl Forwood, Hattie DeWitt
Back Row: Mina Linnabary, Daisy Edwards, Maude Grove, Charlie Bricker, Burr Edwards, Cleveland Grove, Bertie Leak

. . . .And Now You Know
by Polly Horn


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(07/13/2006 )

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