Village of Sunbury    
The Village of Sunbury was laid out in Berkshire township in 1816 by Pennsylvania brothers, William and Lawrence Myers. They probably named the village for Sunbury Township in Pennsylvania where their brother was sheriff. The village was bounded on the north by North St., on the south by South St., on the east by Morning St. and on the west by Evening St. The plat has a protected village green and a burial ground. The Myers brothers and other early settlers came to Ohio from the same county as the settlers of Galena but seemed to be much younger in age. 

Other early settlers were Mr. Whitmore, Benjamin Webb, Steven Bennett, Hezekiah Rogers, B.H.Taylor, B. Chase, Rufus Atherton, Samuel Peck, Haultz Evans, Gilbert Adams, Sanford Bennett, Jedidiah Collins, Sally Searl, Mr. and Mrs. Slocum, Artemus Cutter, David Armstrong, Lyman S. Cook, Ary and Alverus Henrick, Jobez Mannesy, Rosewel Chapman, Benjamin Taylor, Norman and Joseph Patrick, Daniel Abbey, George Dennison, James Perfect, Benjamin Newberry, Francis Horr, John Kerr, Charles Osterhout, Truman Thomas, Silas Gore, James Smith, John Kempton, Harvey Johnston, Peter Packer and E.S. Foss. 

          This material was compiled from "Delaware County and Ohio History of 1880" and Delaware County Courthouse records made available through a notebook kept in the Heritage Room Files of the Community Library