Honor Flights theme for Tuesday's Meeting
Susan Barr will speak to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May, 10th in The Myers Inn Museum.  

Mrs. Barr works with a group called Honor Flight which  transport Veterans to Washington DC to see their memorials and to be honored for their service. She started with Honor Flight in 2005, when they started using Southwest Air flights. Shortly after that she co-founded Honor Flight Columbus, so that  more WWII Veterans could participate.

"I was a National Honor Flight board member and did PR and Fundraising, assisting with starting new hubs in the east and the south.   I left the board and started branching out west to help start up hubs to fly the WWII Veterans from the Western states. I continue to fly almost weekly to assist with the Veterans for any state that needs the help, and also fly with, and assist Honor Flight Columbus," commented Barr.

The program has flown Veterans from all 50 states. At present  over 82,000 Veterans for free and receive no government funding.

In addition to speaking engagements, Barr enjoys helping Veterans of all wars, not only with Honor Flight, but also with a non-profit that she just started called True North Veteran Support. It helps provide needs that Veteran organizations may not be able to do.

Mrs. Barr is an Emergency Room nurse, a mother of 4, and wife of a Civil War Reenactor.  She lives in Delaware County and attends Genoa Baptist Church.

Myers Inn Museum faces the southwest corner of the Square in Sunbury, Ohio.  For more information see the web at http://BigWalnutHistory.org.
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