Big Walnut Community Leaders
Answers to Who Were These People?
by Carol Wirick and Ken Crowl

 1.  Frank Willis  F. Died in Gray Chapel at OWU     learn more
 2.  Joe Landon  G.  Saved book, "When Our Mother Was a Little Girl"
 3.  Dwight Hoover  H. Took shoes, watch & etc., in mayor's court
 4.  Oatfield W. Whitney  E.  State Senator
 5.  Harold Stone  D. Went to daughter's grave every morning
 6.  Chauncey Root  C. Department Store owner
 7.  Walter Milligan  B.  Ran Sunshine Feed Store
 8.  Rolland Neilson  A.  Beloved 8th grade teacher
 9.  Harry Lake  Q. Ran a saw mill
10.  Louise Sheets  I.  Ran a women's store on the square
11.  John Shultz  T.  Miller's and he owned a dairy for area
12.  Myself  M.  Forgot to write descriptions on photos
13.  H. P. Miller  S.  First County agent in state of Ohio
14.  Cecil Townley  P. Partner with George Main in IGA  learn more
15.  Frank Roberts  O.  Had soda fountain in Olive Green
16.  Gerald Crowl   R. Ran store in lodge building
17.  Myers  N.  Founder   learn more
18.  Zelda Knoderer  L. Dressmaker
19.  Jack Welch  K.  War hero    learn more
20  Lolly Searles  J.  Taught school for Sunbury and Big Walnut
21. E. Lamar Hoke, I    U.  First band director for B.W.H.S., wrote school Alma Mater
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