Paul Revere  - The Legend,
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Presented by Brent Carson

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Brent Carson will expand our knowledge of Paul Revere for the Big Walnut Area Historical Society April program beginning Thursday, April 1, via YouTube from the link on

Paul Revere born December 21, 1734 or January 1, 1735 (depending on which calendar is used.

The third of 12 children born to a French Huguenot who came to Boston at the age of 13 to be a silversmith. At 13 Paul left school and became an apprentice to his father but when he died, Paul was too young to be master of the silver shop so he joined the army for a short time. In 1757 he returned to Boston to take over the silver shop in his own name. That year, he married Sarah Orne and they had 8 children. Sarah died in 1773, and on October 10 of that year, Revere married Rachel Walker (17451813). They had eight more children.

From silversmith to soldier, to dentistry, to iron stoves, to church bells, to copper products, Paul Revere made a name for himself before he died at the age of 83 in 1818. In 1861, over 40 years after Revere's death, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow made the midnight ride the subject of his poem "Paul Revere's Ride" which many of us learned in school.

Carson was born in Delaware, graduated from Hayes High School and taught in Willis Jr. High until he retired. He has been the pillar in the Delaware County Historical Society for many years and is currently the president of the society. He co-chaired the Delaware County Bicentennial Celebration with Rick Helwig in 2008.

Through the years, Carson has helped produce several DVDs and programs on a variety of topics of local history, including William Little's view of very early Delaware, Ohio.

Today Brent can be found giving tours by appointment at the historical society and always collecting history and stories of the county.

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